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Welcome to the Wedding Pictures and Stories Message Board, where everyone has the opportunity to share their wedding photos and tell their interesting wedding stories. You don't need to be an expert photographer or an accomplished writer to contribute something that will be appreciated by the greater community.

As we progress deeper into this digital and internet age, weddings remain among the most important events of our lives. Digital photos are a great way to capture the wonderful moments that arise during the course of a wedding. These days, nearly everyone has a digital camera and therefore more and more special moments are being captured and because of the internet these can be experienced at other times and by other people in diverse places throught the world.

As well as the multitude of wonderful pictures being taken, the written word has increasing significance in our lives. The internet allows us to publicly share our thoughts and stories with others in a very free and interactive way.

Behind just about every wedding (and every wedding photo for that matter) there is very likely an interesting story that we may not usually find out about. These pages are designed to encourage these stories out into the light of day.

Some of the nicest wedding day images are taken almost by accident when something unpredictable happens. Photos that capture these moments are often treasured just as much as the more traditional wedding photos.

The photos and stories you upload to these pages can inform us about the bride and groom at earlier times in their lives, about their work and hobbies and about their dreams and aspirations. Written words can tell us where, when, who and what a beautiful image represents.

Sometimes an image may seem rather uninteresting apart from some apparently bemused expressions on the faces of the subjects until someone points out that the little grey blur in the corner is the foot of Uncle Harry when he unexpectedly rushed out of the picture frame to sample some delicious food prepared by Aunty Alice. So it's often nice or necessary to get some of the story in words to help put us in the picture.

Share Your Stories and Photos of Weddings!

If you have your own wedding photos and stories and you'd like to publicly share them, this message board is for you!

This is an open message board, created for everyone to share their wedding pictures, comments and anecdotes. Shaun knows there are many interesting tales and beautiful images out there deserving of greater publlic attention. Please feel free to contribute.

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RE: troy and deb

We still giggle about the boys & the vac & some of your fun festive wiggles! :-)

Deb - 2012-03-28 06:29:46

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RE: scott & cassie 18th september 2010

The wedding day went off without a hitch it was the perfect day and really was the best day of our lives.

We now have those moments that created this day for life thanks to Shaun and we cant thank him enough for capturing these moments for us to keep and cherish for years to come. If your looking for a photographer who can capture every moment that makes your wedding day that memorable you have found him.
Thank you Shaun!

Shaun - 2011-06-09 11:45:51

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RE: scott & cassie 18th september 2010

We met Shaun at one of the expo's and he was so friendly and outgoing and he said that he would love to do the 'Scott and Cassie show'. We were sold and booked him straight away. Shaun was so upbeat and encouraging the whole day with everyone and I just knew that our photo's were in the best hands.

Shaun - 2011-06-09 11:43:53

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RE: scott & cassie 18th september 2010

This was when Scott's parents assisted us in buying a home but we were in no rush to run down the isle just yet. We enjoyed living on our own for 12 months before we finally decided to start looking at a wedding date and go to a bridal expo and the fun ride of planning a wedding took off from there.

Shaun - 2011-06-09 11:33:07

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RE: scott & cassie 18th september 2010

I moved into his parents house pretty much straight away and it wasn't long before we starting saving to move out together, this however did not stop Scott from thinking ahead and in July 2008 he surprised me with dinner and a beautiful powerpoint presentation of our time together so far and a down on one knee proposal that I could not refuse.

Shaun - 2011-06-09 11:31:24

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RE: scott & cassie 18th september 2010

Scott spent quite a lot of time at our place and we started to get to know each other on a different level than just his mates sister.
My Dad was holding a party and my invite said that I could bring someone along, I was single at the time and had no one in my life at that time that I felt comfortable in taking and then Scott came to mind. This surprised me but I didn't think about it too much and went with it and we had a great night flirting and having fun.

After that we started talking quite a lot and a weekend came up where the house was empty and I invited him over to keep me company. We stayed up all night talking and watching movies and we have been inseparable ever since.

Shaun - 2011-06-09 11:29:38

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RE: scott & cassie 18th september 2010

Once I finished high school I moved out so we saw each other even less it had been a few years since I had even said hi to him before he went through a break up and starting spending more time at our dad's place were I was staying while in-between moving house.

Shaun - 2011-06-09 11:28:11

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scott & cassie 18th september 2010

I first met Scott when we were both young. His family lived in the same area and he and my brother played football together so we got to know his family and him well.

Scott then went off to play soccer while my brother changed football clubs and we saw him less as we all went through high school occasionally passing each other at school but nothing social.

Shaun - 2011-06-09 11:26:05

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RE: OneHappyStory: "The Wedding"

Arcy & Mah

Mahmud and Arcy were supposed to get married last March, and just as they were already at the airport in Dubai, a week before their wedding day, ready to fly here in the Philippines, some circumstances happened that forced them to miss their flights and pretty much postpone their wedding. And that means, they have to go through the process of postponing/cancelling all they have already booked for their wedding and also of contacting their invited guests of the postponement. But with rainstorms comes a rainbow. Some good news came into their lives and we were pretty much happy that what happened to them came with a good reason.


storyteller: BON Aserios

Arcy Page - 2011-05-29 14:40:52

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RE: OneHappyStory: "The Wedding"

Arcy and Mah

After the ceremony.

Mahmud - 2011-05-29 14:31:09

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